Welcome to Utopia

Utopia is a small community located in rural Berrien County about half a mile north of Nashville, Georgia, USA. It's name was established in 1972 by then 15-year-old Philip Jones, who created street signs for all of the roads within the community. He has been affectionately referred to as the “Mayor” by the citizens of Utopia. Jones officially retired his mayor duties on March 28, 2023. Today, Utopia remains as a small rural neighborhood. Many of the original community members have passed, farms have changed hands, new families and new homes have been built but the original nature of Utopia remains - a land of flowers, farm fields, green grass, and blue skies.  

Visit Utopia, Georgia

Travel one mile North on the Nashville Enigma HWY and you will find yourself in Utopia.

A Little Boy in Utopia, Georgia

In December of 2020, Phil Jones published a book, A Little Boy in Utopia, Georgia, featuring short stories of childhood adventures and memories depicting the life of a young boy growing up in the 1960s and 70s.

Copies of A Little Boy in Utopia, Georgia can be purchased at the Nashville Farmers Market in Nashville, Georgia or worldwide through Amazon. Click here to purchase the kindle edition or Click here to purchase a printed copy.  

Memories from Utopia, Georgia

Businesses located in the Utopia Community -

Utopia Garden Center

1521 Nashville Enigma Rd Nashville, GA 31639